three wall massive cyc studio


  • 5,000 square feet of sound-insulated, open work space
  • 40x28 foot cyclorama
  • Full lighting grid
  • 900 amps of power
  • 400 square foot VIP greenroom
  • Greenscreen capability
  • In-house photo and video equipment rental
  • Drive in capability

In house equipment rental

In addition to hosting multiple spaces, we act as an equipment rental house. Our full lighting grid and 12' ceilings can handle any shoot you put your mind to! 


Vip Lounge

Our 400 sq ft greenroom loft is a perfect place to relax during a shoot, or acts as a dressing or makeup room.


Drive-In Capability

This stage has a drive-in loading dock (you can drive directly onto the stage)! Don't worry about noise from outside; this stage is sound protected with massive sound insulating elephant doors.